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At the Graham Group, we know that business success depends on a multitude of factors. That’s why we have created our consulting group to provide guidance to yield optimal performance for your firm and  stellar customer service for your clients.

About Us

The Graham Group partners with our clients to deliver expertise and guidance as we work together towards successful outcomes.


Employing a full scope of dynamic advisory services, the Graham Group assists our clients with all of their business needs.


Experienced leaders at the Graham Group provide unparalleled service delivery for our clients.

Helping Your Organization Achieve Success.

Unlock the Full Potential.

We know how hard it is to institute change in a large organization. It takes time, energy and perseverance. The Graham Group conducts a formal situational analysis, creates solutions and coordinates implementation. Choose our four steps to strategic solutions.


Step 1: Operational evaluation

Step 2: Complete analysis

Step 3: Assemble suggested solutions

Step 4: Strategic implementation

Leadership & Governance

Working to ensure appropriate talent and board leadership to help you meet your long-term strategic goals.


The full scope of curriculum development, faculty coaching and academic implementation and support.


Graham Group partners, with Boards and leadership teams, cultivate strategic marketing visions, develop and honor their brand integrity, and craft all facets of stakeholder messaging, including crisis communications.

International Employee Recruitment & Visa Processing

Specializing in the recruitment, hiring, VISA processing, and onboarding of international employees worldwide.

International and Domestic Boarding School Student Recruitment Services

Graham Group Consulting, LLC covers all of your international recruiting needs.

Comprehensive Organizational Culture Research & Reflection

Diversity, equity, and inclusion work in organizations, is more important than ever before.


Executive, Staff, and Faculty Job Position Searches

Manage recruiting, hiring, and onboarding of new employees.

Need More Services?

Contact us with any questions regarding our services.

Board and Executive Support

At times, Boards and their executives can get caught up in the “organizational bubble” paradigm. Subsequently, it can be difficult for them to focus, face challenges with aplomb, make decisions objectively, and keep their eyes on long-term strategic goals. We can empathize. We’ve been there. Moments such as these require governance and leadership to retain a fresh, external set of eyes and ideas so that your organization does not become defined by its challenges.

Asking the right questions...

We’ll do a thorough focus group of your board and its desires. We’ll organize their thoughts into a cohesive report.

Know your needs

Sometimes the board gets a little side tracked with other issues that don’t really effect the bottom line.  The Graham Group will help to redirect the board so that goals are reached.

Expand or contract

Often there are too many board members.  The Graham Group uses proven techniques to increase or reduce a board’s size to make it the most effect board the institution has ever had.

Create your board with givers not takers

Board members sometime lose sight of why they were asked to serve.  The Graham Group will help you to get the most out of your members.  Whether its donations, inkind services, or just plain time spent, We help you get there.

Our Mission:

The Graham Group provides wrap-around support and counsel to nonprofits and schools so that they maintain exemplary standards of service despite organizational challenges.


I have observed Johnny up close at a Board training, where it was obvious that he had the confidence of the group, deep knowledge of ‘how independent schools work,’ and held high ambitions in terms of building the school, the team, and the Board.

—Pat Bassett, Past National Association of Independent Schools President

“Johnny is fair and inspiring in his leadership philosophy. He is precisely the type of person that every school should have as a part of their team.”

—Bob S., Brandon Hall School Parent

“Johnny is a transformational leader and generates solutions to challenges.”

—Laura W., Springdale Preparatory School Parent

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