The Graham Group


Four Channels to improve your organization

As your committed partner, the Graham Group provides a complete focus on your firm’s needs. Our extensive offerings are provided in a variety of consultation areas including leadership and governance, education, marketing, and home school support services. We deliver our guidance on-site at your location and on-call around the clock, based on your needs.

Leadership & Governance

Executive Coaching

Board Training and Development

International Staff Recruitment

Retreat Training

Speaking Engagements

Strategic Planning

Executive Searches

Comprehensive Nonprofit Support Services


Leadership Coaching

Student Services Creation and Restructure

K-12 Academic Support

Boarding School Systems Development and Restructure

Startup Boarding and Day School Creation

School Mission Development and Analysis

Employee Manual and Student-Parent Handbook Development

Athletic Program and Policy Development

Enrollment Process Training

Comprehensive School Improvement and Culture Analyses


Crisis Communication and Mitigation (all levels)

Marketing, content messaging, and social media engagement

Brand Development

Rebranding Process Analysis and Execution

Public Relations


Website Design and Development

Home School Support

Co-op K-12 Curricular Delivery

Curricular Design

Homeschool Teacher Training

State-by-State Homeschool Compliance

Performing Arts

Visual Arts

Grade Level Assessments

Professional Referral Network

24/7 Homeschool Help Hotline

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