The Graham Group


Mental Health Support

Messaging Development

Data Analytics

Boarding & Day School Founding

Global Faculty & Administrative Staff Recruitment

Curriculum Writing

Crisis Mitigation & Communication

Board Training & Policy Manual Development

Student & Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) F1 Visa Services

Student Enrollment & Recruiting Services

Interim Head of School Full-Duty Services On Site

Zoning Applications

Feasibility Studies

Staff Temp Placements

Policy & Student-Parent Handbook Writing & Legal Review

Employee Handbook Writing & Legal Review

Capital Campaign Development

Faculty, Staff & Leadership Retreats

Executive, Staff, and Faculty Job Position Searches

International and Domestic Boarding School Student Recruitment Services

Comprehensive Organizational Culture Research & Reflection


International Employee Recruitment & Visa Processing

As your committed partner, the Graham Group provides a complete focus on your firm’s needs. Our extensive offerings are provided in a variety of consultation areas including leadership and governance, education, marketing, and home school support services. We deliver our guidance on-site at your location and on-call around the clock, based on your needs.

Service Channels to Improve Your Organization

Leadership & Governance

  • Executive Coaching
  • Board Training and Development
  • International Staff Recruitment
  • Retreat Training
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Strategic Planning
  • Executive Searches
  • Comprehensive Nonprofit Support Services


  • Leadership Coaching
  • Student Services Creation and Restructure
  • K-12 Academic Support
  • Boarding School Systems Development and Restructure
  • Startup Boarding and Day School Creation
  • School Mission Development and Analysis
  • Employee Manual and Student-Parent Handbook Development
  • Athletic Program and Policy Development
  • Enrollment Process Training
  • Comprehensive School Improvement and Culture Analyses
  • comprehensive Faculty and Administrative Team Professional Development Services


  • Crisis Communication and Mitigation (all levels)
  • Marketing, content messaging, and social media engagement
  • Brand Development
  • Rebranding Process Analysis and Execution
  • Public Relations
  • Advertising
  • Website Design and Development

International Employee Recruitment & Visa Processing

  • Recruit employees globally
  • Processes all Visa paperwork
  • New employee culture training
  • EAP for first year of employment
  • Mental health professionals and trauma specialists ensure healthy transitions

Comprehensive Organizational Culture Research & Reflection

Diversity, equity, and inclusion work in organizations, is more important than ever before. Therefore, Graham Group Consulting focuses on three main areas within its comprehensive cultural analysis.

  1. Consistent professional staff and leadership training
  2. Stakeholder focus groups and demographic survey data
  3. Comprehensive educational approach

Your organization may implement a profound strategic vision. Without proper cultural care of all members in your community an organization strategy becomes less significant. Healthy culture trumpets everything.

International and Domestic Boarding School Student Recruitment Services

Graham Group Consulting, LLC covers all of your international recruiting needs:

  • International agent correspondent
  • Applications
  • Translation services
  • SEVP guidance
  • Parent communication
  • Form i-20 guidance
  • Transportation services
  • Boarding school selection assistance for families

Executive, Staff, and Faculty Job Position Searches

  • Recruit and vet all candidates
  • Work with organization to select interview candidates
  • Onboard new employees
  • 9 month mediation between organization and employee
  • New employee etiquette training

Trauma-Informed and Trauma-Responsive Workplace Certification Training

For Business Institutions, Private, and Governmental Organizations:
  • Understanding Trauma-responsive Engagement: Tools for Your Organization
  • Trauma-responsive Organizational Leadership
  • Trauma-responsive Workplace Competencies
  • Care and Resilience in a Culture of Collective Trauma 
  • Community Development
For Faith Communities (Churches) & Faith-Based Organizations 
  • Hospitality as Liberation in a Culture of Collective Trauma
  • The Trauma-responsive Congregation
  • Faithful Presence & Christian Community Development

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