The challenge for many of our neighbors isn’t a lack of desire for work or a lack of skill set. The challenge is to move beyond the application to the interview and into an opportunity to demonstrate their productive work ethic for a wage that meets their basic needs as residents of our good city. Our objective is that our certification program will create a network of courageous employers to do just that. Understanding “can’t vs. won’t” will enhance your workplace’s culture and stimulate your municipality’s economy. Our team of professionals partners with employers and assists them in sustaining employees by exploring brain-based, trauma-informed workshops, mobilizing workforce sustainability coaches, and partnering with a network of support organizations.

The Graham Group equips all types of organizations to serve well as trauma-informed and responsive entities where long-term sustainability abounds in workplaces through the following training immersions:

For Business Institutions, Private, and Governmental Organizations:

  • Understanding Trauma-responsive Engagement: Tools for Your Organization
  • Trauma-responsive Organizational Leadership
  • Trauma-responsive Workplace Competencies
  • Care and Resilience in a Culture of Collective Trauma
  • Hospitality as Leadership & Presence
  • Community Development: Collaboration is Our Power
  • Community Development: Redemptive For-Profit Practices
  • Community Development: Competition or Collaboration

For Faith Communities (Churches) & Faith-Based Organizations

  • Hospitality as Leadership & Presence
  • Hospitality as Liberation in a Culture of Collective Trauma
  • The Trauma-responsive Congregation
  • Faithful Presence & Christian Community Development

Johnny Graham
President. The Graham Group